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This site is dedicated to the wonderful world of nature. We love to carry bits and pieces of it home with us, but alas the harsh desert welcomes only a very few.
By nature, Arizona is Hot and Dry. Our love of ponding requires humid and wet. So we struggle with the elements and continue to learn what will and will not survive here in our little oasis.
We have numerous ponds of varying sizes. They are home to Japanese Koi, Goldfish, Turtles, Bullfrogs, Many types of Water Lily, and numerous varieties of pond plants.
The property is landscaped with water features and as much greenery as will fit within the confines.
It is located in Crystal River, Florida. We sell online and at the local Howards and Stokes Flea Markets.

Click here to go to our new Ailyns-Pond Website and available plants list.

We grow an abundance of pond plants and supply many of the valley pond centers.
Most pond items are available to our friends on the Internet.

Just to clarify, all sellers ship floating pond plants bare root. When you lift a floating plant out of the water you have a bare root plant. There is no other way. Don't let the foolishness confuse you. 

We have been supplying the garden centers for eight years because our mild winters give us a head start. If you have an early show and need mature plants, call.
Don't believe that pond plants won't survive in water cooler than 70 degrees. Some tell you this story because they are not ready to ship full bodied plants early in the year. Hyacinths, Primrose Creeper, Salvinia, and Parrots Feather all start aggressive growth when the water reaches the mid fifties.

 Lastly, healthy Hyacinths put out as many as eight shoots which grow new plants. That's 800% per year, working hard to bio-clean your pond.  They do that best if they are in the path of moving water. We recommend no greater than 60-70% coverage in ponds. That's 3 plants or less per square foot at seasons end. Plan accordingly. 
Our plants speak for themselves, look at our feedback from last season.

Our pond items are also available on eBay.
If you can not find what you need on the auction site, someone has probably used the "Buy it now" button and beat you to them. Just drop us an email and we will list more of them and send you a link to those auctions. We are also implementing a shopping cart as a trial on the pond site. If it appears here, feel free to use it, if you have a problem, just send your order via eMail. We work hard to please.

Click here for our available plants list.

Paypal  and most other forms of payment are accepted, including trades (wives excluded). Our Paypal ID is our email address. Local pickup OK with prior approval. 
All plant shipments go via Priority Mail on Mondays or Tuesdays ONLY to prevent sitting in the heat over a weekend. They are shipped in double sealed poly bags. Care should be taken to anticipate their arrival so the plants can rapidly be placed in a bucket of cool water and set in the shade. Later they can be planted directly into the pond when convenient. 
Never allow the closed box to sit for lengthy periods.

Please contact us via eMail or eMail as we are busy during work hours and often can not cover the phone.  Walk-ins are welcome by appointment only.

CmdrDick - Dick Wilson   (602) 369-5522